Stort udvalg i metaldomes (frøer)

Domes til bl.a. membrane switch applikationer

Vi kan tilbyde et stort udvalg af domes.
Kvaliteten er i top og priserne er konkurrencedygtige.

4leg dome dimple
3leg dome dimple
elipse dome
4leg dome hole for led
4leg dome four dimples
round dome dimple

Led for membrane switches / folietastaturer

1206 og 1210 - 0,35mm og 0,5mm

enkelte og bi-colour

Stort udvalg af led'er primær fremstillet for flexible print.
Enkeltfarve: Grøn, gul, rød, hvid, blå og orange
Bi-colour    : rød/gul, gul/grøn og rød/gul

0,35mm led 1206
1210 led bi-colour
0,5mm led 1206

M16C - Ny Captive Screw til CMM- connectorerne

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M16C was developed to meet our client’s requirements based on speed of mating/unmating in a reduced space (1.5mm). The main feature of M16C lies in the mounting process of the connector: it allows an immediate mount & mating of the two mating halves without screwing during the mating process. There is no risk to mate at an angle. It can be used for test equipment process where ease of installation, rapidity and regular mating and unmating are needed. This feature may be very useful in a very regulated environment such as Military or Aero-Space market.

New HCT 127 Crimpflex hand crimp tool

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Hand tools are generally intended for occasional use and low volume applications. Our HCT-127 hand crimp tool available in 1.27mm pitch has been made to support our customers in the miniaturization process of their sub-assemblies and equipments.

The main reasons to use a 1.27mm pitch tool are numerous. Here are some of them :

- Printed Electronics & commercial applications used in field portable equipments: the operator can easily transport the tool & the contacts to be crimped...

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